Nanjing, China has some of the worst air quality and pollution in the world, and architects and ecologists believe they now have a solution. On the heels of it’s successful residential vertical forest prototype built in Milan, Italy, Stefano Boeri Architects announced it’s building two green towers for the Nanjing Pukou District

Photography: Stefano Boeri Architects

Scheduled to be completed in 2018, the vertical forests are designed to “regenerate local biodiversity” and the two towers will be “characterized by the interchange of green tanks and balconies.”

It will include 600 tall trees and 500 medium-sized trees from 23 local species, and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs, which will provide “25 tons of CO2 absorption each year and will produce about 60 kg of oxygen per day,” according to Stefano Boeri.

The smaller tower of the two is slated for a 247-room Hyatt Hotel, and the mixed-use building will “host commercial, recreational and educative functions, including multi-brands shops, a food market, restaurants, conference hall and exhibition spaces.” The larger tower will house a museum, private rooftop club and fittingly, a green architecture school.

lans are underway to bring the design into other pollution-ridden cities like Shanghai, Liuzhou, and Guizhou in the near future.