Resisting the urge to reach out and touch a surface designed by London’s Giles Miller Studio is a challenge. The intricate nature of the studio’s designs inspire a tactical desire. Seeing one, whether in-person or through a visual representation, is guaranteed to spark an impulse to run your hand across the surface, feeling the smooth finish and ridges between each individual tile.

Photography: Giles Miller Studio

Located in East London, Giles Miller Studio specializes in the creation of highly innovative surfaces, material and sculptural artworks. Using materials such as brass, timber, etched metal and ceramic, the studio’s meticulous designs are means for illustration, transforming surfaces into expressive narratives thanks to the reciprocal relationship between texture and reflection.

Miller founded his studio after studying Furniture Design in university and followed this with a Masters in Product Design from London’s Royal College of Art. Along with his small team of designers and creatives, he strives to experiment and push the boundaries of what constitutes a surface. He uses thousands of individual pieces in each sculpture, all thoughtfully placed to interact with each other and the surrounding light.

These surfaces make an eye-catching addition to any space. From the shimmering gold textural wall of Le Lido in Paris to the bespoke triangular tile developed for OMEGA watches, each design is worked on with the utmost precision. Miller has worked with Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, Selfridges and the London Design Museum, among others. The studio’s surface designs have won them numerous awards such as the 2015 FX Design Award for Breakthrough Talent and the 2016 Surface Design Award in the Commercial Interior category.

To Miller and his team, a surface design isn’t simply an ornamental wall piece, for it transcends the bounds of what is deemed decorative. Experiencing such design is a wholly sensory experience. It forgoes the static visual quality that is typical of many spaces; instead, it invokes a greater awareness of the space itself. Giles Miller Studio strays from the trend towards sterile spaces. It is this distancing that makes their surface designs welcomed changes in the world of interiors.

“My driver is to constantly push the creative boundaries of our studio as a whole,” says Miller. “We are a team of young designers and creatives and in a world that can be materially saturated, we aim to ensure that what we offer is of the highest possible value, be it materially, creatively or emotionally.”